Let your voice be heard!

How can you help?

•    Write to your Town and County Council members and to your MPP to let them know you are against fill dumping in your community and are concerned about the short and long term consequences.
•    Write letters to the editors of your local newspapers.  
•    Talk to your neighbours and friends about this issue because many people are simply unaware of it unless it directly affects them.
•    Be a volunteer with Citizens Against Fill Dumping: Volunteer your time, energy and expertise in any of the following areas:
          o    Media Communications
          o    Education and Community Outreach
          o    Fundraising
          o    Finance and Legal
          o    Membership Recruitment
          o    Attend Town Council meetings
          o    Petitions and letter writing

Here are all the Contacts:

Citizens Against Fill Dumping (our group)


Erin Council

Lou Maieron             Mayor           519-833-2559     lou.maieron@erin.ca
Barbara Tocher         Councillor     519-855-4984     barb.tocher@erin.ca
John Brennan            Councillor     519-833-7309     john.brennan@erin.ca
Josie Wintersinger    Councillor     519-855-6163     josie.wintersinger@erin.ca
Deb Callaghan          Councillor     519-833-9137     deb.callaghan@erin.ca

Council Mailbox                                                        council5@erin.ca

Erin Municipal office  

5684 Trafalgar Rd, Hillsburgh, N0B 1Z0
519-855-4407  Office
519-855-4821  Fax
Kathryn Ironmonger  CAO   x222                       kathryn.ironmonger@erin.ca
Dina Lundy Town Clerk       x233                       dina.lundy@erin.ca
Connie Cox Exe. Assistant, Webmaster, General Inquiries  x221

Nicole Sterritt, By-Law and Property Standards Officer  x230
Sally Stull, Planner x240                                     sally.stull@erin.ca     
Harold Knox, Building Inspector x237               harold.knox@erin.ca
Larry Van Wyck, Road Superintendent  x227     larry.vanwyck@erin.ca

Erin County Councillor

Ken Chapman
519-833-2244       kenc@wellington.ca

Credit Valley Conservation Authority

1-800-668-5557        www.creditvalleycons.com

Grand River Conservation Authority

1-519-621-2761   www.grandriver.ca

Ted Arnott, our MPP

1-800-265-2366   ted.arnottco@pc.ola.org

OPP Rockwood

1888-310-1122 OPP Communications Centre (out of London)

Wellington County Operations Manager

Paul Johnson x2230


Joan Murray, editor
519-833-9603    519-833-9605 F  editorial@erinadvocate.com

Wellington Advertiser 

Chris Daponte, editor
519-843-5410     519-843-7607 F   editor@wellingtonadvertiser.com