This is the actual situation.

A lot of change already happened though...

Potential impacts

If you think it won't affect you, think again!

contamination 101

What is a "contaminated soil" and why is that a problem?

current sites

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Regulation and Enforcement are Lacking!

While this practice benefits a few, it has significant implications for neighbours, communities and the environment.
The primary concern is that some of this fill could be contaminated. The current bylaws governing Wellington County and Erin are simply inadequate to deal with this issue. They are neither stringent enough to protect the best interests of the Town of Erin and Wellington County residents nor are they rigorously enforced to ensure accountability and transparency.

What are Our Goals?

• We want to raise awareness in the community of this growing practice.
• We want to convince Town of Erin Council and Wellington County Council to eliminate importation of fill.
• We want the Provincial government to regulate the Fill industry in Ontario.

Now is time

There is reason for concern:

"We run into some real challenges with the quality of the fill" said Clarington mayor Adrian Foster, adding that other 905 municipalities have been struggling to deal with the recent surge of dumping activity related to Toronto’s building boom.

- from an article published in the Globe and Mail on Tuesday March 27, 2012

The GTA continues to grow exponentially and with that growth comes an increasing demand for places to dump its unwanted excavated material. Located immediately outside the northern boundary of the Green Belt, the Town of Erin and Wellington County are becoming prime destinations.

There is also a significant financial incentive for some people to accept fill and be compensated accordingly, to make short term profits. The longer we turn a “blind eye”, the worse it will get.